Elegant Online Presence ~ Get Your Business Started!

Elegant Online Presence

How to Create an Online Framework that Supports Your Success as You Step Into the Arena | taught by Ann Manatt

Course description

Are you about to set up your first email service? Facebook fan-page or website?
Or maybe you are re-launching a venture that didn't become all you had hoped?

You don't need to become a tech expert.

What you need is guidance.

Where to begin, what to do now, (and what can wait) and sisters to walk with you.

Then a simple step-by-step system to get you from 'here' to where you want to be.

Don't do it alone. My experience can save you hundreds of hours and countless harried decisions.

What is it?

These are your first steps or your start-again steps. How to connect with, keep in touch with and build your tribe and your business. (and finally, make money!)

This course will teach you about an online platform, what is it and how does one begin?
Then, I will show you with detailed videos how to set up your business on Facebook, create an email list and opt-in, and even how to host your opt-in without a website.

And about that website? What platform should you use? What goes into an effective website? How can you begin now without even having a website finished?

Who is it for?

Artists, authors, coaches and healers. Anyone who wants to set up an online business, take payments online, or just keep in touch with your tribe. It's my job to find the best tools and help you use them to leverage your impact in the world.

Get your voice out there and start creating a greater difference.

Don't do it alone. There is a group of amazing sister-entrepreneurs waiting for you to join them.

Ann Manatt
Ann Manatt

I'm a business owner, healer and deeply committed yogini. I'm also a long-time corporate refugee with an MBA.

For the past six years I have been dedicated to helping feminine entrepeneurs launch online businesses. And I can't wait to guide you!

It is my greatest desire that my spirit-based sisters who have wisdom to share with the world step out and speak up with support.

I assist you in leveraging who you already are and what you already love to do, and create a business framework that brings ease, grace and financial success into your life!